• What we bring

    • Track records of success at leading investment banks
    • Over 50 years of combined experience
      • based on more than 150 transactions
      • with an aggregate value in excess of EUR 50 billion
    • Deep sector knowledge
    • A network of industry experts and like minded international partners
  • Sector expertise

    Although we have advised in the full range of business sectors, we have developed particularly strong sector knowledge, track records and networks, within:

    • Food
    • Consumer Goods
    • Industrials
    • Construction
  • Our DNA

    The partners of OXEYE Advisors have a joint background
    at the Corporate Finance & Capital Markets department of MeesPierson,
    where we developed our shared values for quality, creativity,
    perseverance, commitment and independence

  • Our approach

    When you work with OXEYE Advisors, expect a partnership built on a shared goal of getting the deal done at optimal terms attractive to you:

    • Your interests prevail over ours
    • We run our own company: our sole accountability is to our client
    • We focus on matters that have a meaningful impact on your strategy and financial position
    • Both in the short and long term
  • What it takes


    • Independence, resulting in unbiased advice
    • Ability to meet tight schedules
    • Excellence in tough negotiations
    • Internal drive to exceed expectations
    • An optimistic mind, whatever happens
  • What it gives


    • Clients who trust us
    • Counterparties who respect us
    • Repeat mandates from long-standing relationships
    • Sector knowledge and strategic insight
    • Fun at the workplace
  • Our approach

    We have a different approach That’s why we started OXEYE Advisors

    Rumours   Ideas
    Deal talking   Deal making
    Advisor   Partner
    Pressure   Preparation
    Claiming   Sharing
    Maximizing   Optimizing
  • What we offer

    OXEYE Advisors provides independent corporate finance advisory services to corporates, private equity investors, family offices and individuals for:

    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Financing
    • Corporate Development
    • Special Assignments
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    We advise our clients on transactions of all sizes, from large cross border deals through to smaller tailor made transactions

    • Acquisitions
    • Divestments
    • Leveraged Buyouts
    • Mergers
    • Public Offers

    We believe in preparation. Devise scenarios, set limits, consider options.         Have the homework done before you go out. Then we push ahead where others would typically settle

  • Financing

    Our independent advisory model enables us to objectively examine all possible financing structures and alternatives, select the best solution for our clients and assist with arranging the (re)financing

    • Debt Advisory
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Equity Advisory

    Corporate finance is more than just M&A. It is about anything on the right hand side of the balance sheet

  • Corporate Development

    We assist our clients with strategic advisory resulting in a long term corporate development plan:

    • Identifying, analysing and evaluating strategic alternatives
    • Developing a coherent strategic M&A agenda
    • Assisting with the actual implementation

    For us a transaction is not just a deal. It forms part of a corporate development strategy. We can help you setting up a long term corporate development plan which may lead to transactions on the way

  • Special Assignments

    We offer our clients a broad range of other corporate finance services:

    • Business plan assessments
    • Financial and M&A sounding board
    • Valuation services
    • Takeover defense preparations and execution
    • Fairness opinions
  • Latest transactions

    OXEYE Advisors has advised on the following successfully completed transactions


    NPM Capital & management
    have acquired
    Deli Home & Garden


    Airopack Technology Group
    has acquired
    full ownership of
    its Airolux JV with Resilux

    EUR 62 million


    Goldman Sachs & Silverfern
    have acquired
    Continental Bakeries


    The European Candy Group
    has acquired


    Airopack Technology Group
    has arranged
    equity & debt funding from
    Apollo Global Management 

    EUR 122 million


    has been acquired
    by Sweco
    through a public offer

    EUR 354 million

  • Latest transactions

    OXEYE Advisors has advised on the following successfully completed transactions


    Airopack Technology Group
    has acquired
    part of the activities of Proficos


    Airopack Technology Group
    has arranged
    debt funding for its Airolux JV
    and amended
    the JV & license arrangements


    Vullen of Voeden
    has established
    youth sport & nutrition initiative
    ‘Balletje Breed’


    Bencis Capital Partners
    has acquired


    Trust Office Foundation Management & Employees IHC


    Oventwee Holding
    has sold
    Eurobakers Group & Rina
    to ARYZTA

  • Latest transactions

    OXEYE Advisors has advised on the following successfully completed transactions


    AutoBinck Holding
    has aquired
    the BWM/MINI dealerships
    Martinistad, Vriesendijk & Dijker

  • Previous experience

    Before OXEYE Advisors, we worked at several employers including leading investment banks and businesses of our own. We bring over 75 years of combined experience, based on more than 175 transactions with an aggregate value in excess of EUR 50 billion.

    Year   Client   Sector           DescriptionDeal size 
    2015tencateIndustrialsAdvised Royal Ten Cate on the public offer by Gilde Buy Out PartnersEUR 907 mio
    2015verolmeIndustrialsAdvised the private shareholder of Verolme Special Equipment on the sale to BencisUndisclosed
    2015brakelIndustrialsAdvised Nordian on the sale of Brakel to GIMVUndisclosed
    2015andusIndustrialsAdvised Andus Group and De Hoge Dennen on the acquisition of a minority stake by De Hoge DennenUndisclosed
    2015iseroIndustrialsAdvised H2 Capital Partners on the sale of Isero to Grafton (UK)EUR 92 mio
    2014flamcoIndustrialsAdvised voestalpine (AT) on the sale of Flamco to Aalberts IndustriesUndisclosed
    2014jetIndustrialsAdvised Egeria on the acquisition of JET Group from H2 Capital PartnersUndisclosed
    2014tt-groupIndustrialsBookrunner for the TKH Group equity offeringEUR 75 mio
    2013ihc-merwedeIndustrialsAdvised STAK Management & Personeel IHC on the rearrangement of the shareholdings of STAK, Rabo Capital and Parkland in IHC MerwedeUndisclosed
    2013veriBeveragesFund raising for organic soda start-up Veri (US)USD 20 mio
    2013bencisFoodAdvised Bencis on the acquisition of the Klene factory from Perfetti Van MelleUndisclosed
    2013bakkerslandFoodAdvised Bakkersland on the refinancing and extension of its bank facilitiesEUR 116 mio
    2013bencisFoodAdvised Bencis on the acquisition of Continental Candy Industries from a private investorUndisclosed
    2013heinekenBeveragesAdvised Heineken on the sale of Pago International (AT) to Eckes-Granini Group (DE)Undisclosed
    2013markeurIndustrialsAdvised Markeur on the acquisition of a portfolio of petrol stations from EssoUndisclosed
    2012tt-groupIndustrialsAdvised TKH Group on its public offer for Augusta Technologie (DE)EUR 176 mio
    2012claudio-straterFashion RetailAdvised 2Deal Ventures on the sale of Claudia Sträter to FNG GroupUndisclosed
    2012accell-groupIndustrialsAdvised Accell Group on the acquisition of Raleigh Cycle (UK) from private equity and individual investorsEUR 76 mio
    2011gamma-holdingIndustrialsAdvised the Supervisory Board of Gamma Holding on the public offer by Gilde Buy Out Partners & Parcom Capital and provided a fairness opinionEUR 218 mio
    2011vopakIndustrial LogisticsAdvised Vopak on the sale of a 20% stake in Bahamas Oil Refining Company to Buckeye Partners (US)USD 268 mio
    2011accell-groupIndustrialsAdvised Accell Group on the acquisition of a 22% stake in Derby Cycle (DE) from Finatem (DE) and through stock exchange purchases and the subsequent sale to Pon Holding GermanyEUR 46 mio
    2010heinekenBeveragesAdvised Heineken on the acquisition of 2 breweries from the Ethiopian governmentUSD 163 mio
    2010unileverFoodAdvised Unilever on the licensing of its Du Darfst brand to Wernsing Group, Müller Group, Wingert, TrendMeal and Bell/ZimboUndisclosed
    2010coolcatFashion RetailAdvised CoolCat on the acquisition of MS Mode from Maxeda Retail GroupUndisclosed
    2010vandemoorteleFoodAdvised Vandemoortele (BE) on the acquisition of the margarine and frying fats business from Van Dijk Food ProductsUndisclosed
    2010heinekenBeveragesAdvised Heineken on the sale of beverage wholesaler WaverlyTBS (UK) to Manfield Partners (UK)Undisclosed
    2010canonIndustrialsAdvised Canon (JP) on its public offer for OcéEUR 730 mio
    2010greencoreFoodAdvised Greencore on the sale of its European chilled sandwiches, pizzas and sauces operations to Parcom CapitalUndisclosed
    2009eriksIndustrialsAdvised ERIKS group on the public offer by SHV and provided a fairness opinionEUR 528 mio
    2009iniqIndustrialsAdvised Uniq (UK) on the sale of its prepared salads and delicatessen manufacturers Nadler (DE) and Lisner (PO) to IFR Capital / Homann Feinkost (DE)EUR 29 mio
    2009draka-logoIndustrialsGlobal Co-ordinator for the Draka equity offeringEUR 101 mio
    2009wavinFoodGlobal Co-ordinator for the Wavin equity offeringEUR 228 mio
    2009 SAMAS_4cIndustrialsAdvised Samas on the sale of its Dutch, German, Swiss and French office supply operationsUndisclosed
    2009 essentUtilitiesProvided a fairness opinion to Essent for the sale of its waste management businessUndisclosed
    2009iniqFoodAdvised Uniq (UK) on the sale of prepared salads and sandwich manufacturer Johma to Gilde Equity Management BeneluxUndisclosed
    2009heijmansConstructionGlobal Co-ordinator for the Heijmans rights issueEUR 101 mio
    2008adeccoServicesAdvised Adecco (CH) on its public offer for DNC De Nederlanden CompagnieEUR 56 mio
    2008lion-capitalFoodAdvised Lion Capital (UK) on the acquisition of Ad van Geloven from EgeriaEUR 290 mio
    2008barillaFoodAdvised Barilla (IT) on the sale of Quality Bakers to BakkerslandUndisclosed
    2008vopakIndustrial LogisticsAdvised Vopak on the acquisition of Bahamas Oil Refining Company (BORCO), jointly with First Reserve Corporation (US), from PDVSA (VE)USD 550 mio
    2008continental-bakeriesFoodAdvised Continental Bakeries on the acquisition of Gillebagaren (SE) from Valora Holding (CH)Undisclosed
    2008andus-groupIndustrialsAdvised Andus Group on its public offer for Gouda VuurvastEUR 23 mio
    2008eriksIndustrialsAdvised ERIKS group on its public offer for EconostoEUR 133 mio
    2007logo-ardianFoodAdvised AXA Private Equity (DE) on the sale of pasta manufacturer Birkel Teigwaren (DE) to Ebro Puleva (ES)EUR 30 mio
    2007keltecIndustrialsAdvised Keltec Dispensing Systems and its shareholders on the sale to MeadWestvaco (US)Undisclosed
    2007grolschBeveragesAdvised the family shareholders of Grolsch in the public takeover by SABMiller (ZA)EUR 816 mio
    2007samasIndustrialsGlobal Co-ordinator for the Samas rights issueEUR 35 mio
    2007npm-capitalFoodAdvised NPM Capital on its investment in frozen vegetables processor Dujardin Foods (BE)Undisclosed
    2007cvcChemicalsAdvised CVC on the acquisition of Taminco (BE) from Alpinvest PartnersEUR 800 mio
    2007getronicsIT ServicesAdvised Getronics on the public offer by KPNEUR 766 mio
    2007continental-bakeriesFoodAdvised Continental Bakeries on the acquisition of biscuits manufacturer Stieffenhofer (DE)Undisclosed
    2007arcelorIndustrialsProvided a fairness opinion to Arcelor (LU) on its legal merger with ArcelorMittal (LU)EUR 82 bn
    2007eriksIndustrialsGlobal Co-ordinator for the ERIKS group equity issueEUR 126 mio
    2006unileverFoodAdvised Unilever on the divestiture of Dutch/Belgian frozen snacks manufacturer Mora to Ad van GelovenUndisclosed
    2006gilde-buy-out-partnersFood serviceAdvised Gilde Buy Out Partners on the sale of Inversco to Sligro Food GroupEUR 90 mio
    2006eriksIndustrialsAdvised ERIKS group on the acquisition of WYKO Holdings (UK)EUR 206 mio
    2006Woningbeheer NVReal estateAdvised the municipality of The Hague in the sale of Woningbeheer NV to StaedionUndisclosed
    2006pharmingHealthcareProvided a fairness opinion to Pharming for the acquisition of DNageUndisclosed
    2006rabobankFinancial ServicesAdvised Rabobank on the acquisition of the Bouwfonds property and asset management activities from ABN AMROEUR 845 mio
    2006sara-leeFoodAdvised Sara Lee / DE on the divestiture of snacks division Duyvis and Benenuts (FR) to Pepsico (US)EUR 130 mio
    2006frans-maasLogisticsProvided a fairness opinion to Frans Maas on the public offer by DFDS Transport Group (DK)EUR 225 mio
    2006sara-leeFoodAdvised Sara Lee / DE on the divestiture of rice manufacturer Lassie to SOS Cuétara (ES)EUR 52 mio
    2006SIVEX AGROIndustrialsAdvised Sivex Agro (BE) on its public offer for Koninklijke Begemann GroepEUR 41 mio
    2006barillaFood RetailAdvised Barilla (IT) on the sale of bakery retail chain Bart’s Retail (Bakker Bart) to GildeUndisclosed
    2006rexamIndustrialsAdvised Rexam (UK) on its public offer for AirsprayEUR 153 mio
    2005gilde-buy-out-partnersFoodAdvised Gilde Buy Out Partners on the acquisition of shrimp processor Heiploeg from UBS (UK)Undisclosed
    2005inverscoFood serviceAdvised Inversco on the acquisition of Koelvers & Medirest from Compass GroupUndisclosed
    2005tencateIndustrialsAdvised Royal Ten Cate on the acquisition of Polyfelt (AT) from OMV Group (AT)EUR 70 mio
    2005inverscoFood serviceAdvised the shareholders and management of Inversco on the sale to Gilde Buy Out PartnersUndisclosed
    2005halderConstructionAdvised Halder Germany on the acquisition of Garant Türen und Zargen (DE) from Doorwin GroepUndisclosed
    2004vastgoed-mixfondsReal EstateAdvised Vastgoed Mix Fonds on the sale of its real estate portfolio to European Property Investors L.P. (UK)EUR 168 mio
    2004amReal EstateAdvised AM N.V. on the structuring of a Central European Retail Property FundUndisclosed
    2004 WS Vastgoed WestersuykerReal EstateAdvised WS Vastgoed Westersuyker on the public offer by IEF CapitalEUR 113 mio
    2004doverIndustrialsAdvised Dover Corporation (US) on the sale of Van Dam Machine to its management teamUndisclosed
    2004halderConstructionAdvised Halder Germany on the acquisition of PRÜM-Türenwerke (DE) from Hochtief (DE)Undisclosed
    2004nordic-capitalFoodAdvised Nordic Capital (UK) on the acquisition of LEAF sugar confectionery, jointly with CVC, from CSMEUR 850 mio
    2004voestalpineIndustrialsAdvised voestalpine (AT) on its public offer for NedconEUR 31 mio
    2004bencisFoodAdvised Bencis on the acquisition of grain processor Meneba from CVCUndisclosed
    2003orcoReal EstatePrivate placement for the Eastern Europe Fund of Orco Property Group (FR)Undisclosed
    2003axaIndustrialsAdvised AXA Stenman on the public offer by Friesland Bank Investments and major shareholders and provided a fairness opinionEUR 48 mio
    2003mees-piersonReal EstateAssisted MeesPierson with the structuring of the MeesPierson-Lasalle VastgoedfondsUndisclosed
    2003TNSFServicesValuation of and financial advisory to car park operator TheNewServicesFactoryUndisclosed
    2002uni-investReal EstateAdvised the Supervisory Board of Uni-Invest on the public offer by Lehman Brothers Real Estate Partners and provided a fairness opinionEUR 884 mio
    2002Logo_VolkerWesselsConstructionAdvised Volker Wessels on the acquisition of John Crowley (UK)Undisclosed
    2002voestalpineConstructionAdvised voestalpine (AT) on the sale of Polynorm Building Products to Doorwin GroepUndisclosed
    2002amReal EstateStructuring of and fund raising for an investment fund of AmstellandUndisclosed
    2002pink-roccadeIT ServicesSale and lease back of two data centers of PinkRoccadeUndisclosed
    2002provincie-noord-hollandReal EstateAdvised province of Noord-Holland on the structuring and funding of a development fundUndisclosed
    2001heijmansConstructionGlobal Co-ordinator for the Heijmans equity offeringEUR 42 mio
    2001heijmansConstructionAdvised Heijmans on the acquisition of Koninklijke IBC from NIB Capital, NPM Capital and managementEUR 80 mio
    2001ceceboFood Advised Cebeco on the sale of its egg division Liot (FR) to Eurovo (IT)Undisclosed
    2001voestalpineIndustrialsAdvised voestalpine (AT) on its public offer for PolynormEUR 127 mio
    2000ab-inbevBeveragesGlobal Co-ordinator for the Interbrew (BE) IPOEUR 14.7 bn
    2000fortisFinancial ServicesAdvised Fortis on its public offer for ASR VerzekeringsgroepEUR4.1 bn
    2000fortisFinancial ServicesAdvised Fortis on its public offer for Banque Générale du Luxembourg (LU)EUR 3.5 bn
    2000pink-roccadeIT ServicesAdvised PinkRoccade on the acquisition of ASZ from GAKUndiscosed
    2000villeroy-bochIndustrialsAdvised Villeroy & Boch (DE) on the acquisition of Gustavsberg (SE) from Sanitec (FI)EUR 44 mio
    2000multikabelTelecomSale of Multikabel to PrimaCom (DE)EUR 368 mio
    1999mees-piersonReal EstateInitiation of a property investment vehicle for MeesPierson private wealth managementUndisclosed
    1999amevReal EstateAdvised AMEV on the sale of two congress centers to KrasnapolskyEUR 100 mio
    1999schoeller-wavin-trepakIndustrialsAdvised the shareholders of Wavin Trepak on the sale to Schoeller Packaging Industries (GE)Undisclosed
    1999essentUtilitiesAdvised PNEM/MEGA on its merger with EDON into EssentEUR 10 bn
    1999wmoIndustrialsAdvised Wavin shareholder WMO on the sale by Shell of its 45.75% shareholding in Wavin to CVC CapitalEUR 350 mio
    1999fortisFinancial ServicesGlobal Co-ordinator for the Fortis share and convertible bond offeringEUR 2.2 bn
    1998grolschBeveragesAdvised Grolsch on strategic defence mattersNA
  • Maarten Bijnen


    Maarten started his Corporate Finance career in 1997 at MeesPierson, followed by 16 years of advisory services in Amsterdam and London. In 2009, he founded Albacore Partners, an independent advisory boutique, together with former colleagues at ABN AMRO. Maarten was a senior vice president at ABN AMRO’s M&A department, after having had similar roles at Rabo Securities and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. Throughout his career he was involved in many landmark transactions and gained significant experience in mergers & acquisitons and debt / equity financing.

    Maarten holds a master’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam and a degree in business administration from Nijenrode.

    Special Expertise:
    Food, Industrials, Sponsor Coverage, Leveraged Buy Outs

  • Okko Filius


    M: +31 6 5385 4493

    Okko started his investment banking career at ABN AMRO in 1991, where he held various DCM and ECM positions in Amsterdam and Hong Kong. In 2000, he joined MeesPierson Corporate Finance & Capital Markets and from then on focussed on M&A. From 2007-2010, Okko headed the Dutch team at MeesPierson  Corporate Finance & Capital Markets that subsequently was the basis for the current ABN AMRO M&A team. After leaving ABN AMRO in 2013, he worked as interim investment manager for Dutch family office Janivo before co-founding OXEYE Advisors. Okko advised numerous Dutch and foreign clients, such as Accell, Adecco, Canon, Heineken, Rexam, Royal ten Cate and voestalpine on cross-border M&A transactions and public offers. Okko is non-executive board member at packaging companies Airopack Technology Group AG and Scholle IPN LP.

    Okko holds a master’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Groningen.

    Special Expertise:
    Industrials, Construction, Cross-Border M&A, Public Offers

  • Daniel Frijns


    M: +31 6 4637 5662

    Daniel was a partner at Stamford Partners from 2004 until 2012. At Stamford he advised on numerous M&A transactions in the food & beverage industry across Europe. Notable transactions include M&A work for Unilever, Barilla and Sara Lee, execution of a European corporate development program for Continental Bakeries, and the sale of Uniq Plc’s assets in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. In 2012, he joined Bank Oyens & Van Eeghen as a Managing Director where he worked on the fund raising for US organic beverage startup Veri Soda and assisted Bakkersland in its refinancing. Before Stamford he worked at MeesPierson where he focused on Industrials, Telecom and Real Estate. He started his career in 1997 working for Leon van den Boom. Daniel has more than 15 years of relevant investment banking experience.

    Daniel holds a master’s degree in Physics from Delft University of Technology as well as a master’s degree in Financial Management from Nijenrode University.

    Special Expertise:
    Food, Industrials, M&A, Corporate Development  

  • Joost Smaal


    M: +31 6 2096 8209

    Joost started his career at the M&A team of NIBC in 2001 where he advised clients on a variety of cross-border transactions in diversified sectors. In 2007 he joined MeesPierson Corporate Finance & Capital Markets where he focused on M&A transactions in the Industrials sector. After the merger with ABN AMRO, Joost remained responsible for Industrial M&A transactions. Joost advised numerous Dutch and international strategic clients such as Andus Group, Royal ten Cate, TKH and voestalpine on cross-border M&A transactions and public offers. Joost also has a strong track record in M&A transactions with financial sponsors.

    Joost holds a master’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam.

    Special Expertise:
    Industrials, Cross-Border M&A, Public Offers and Leveraged Buy Outs.

  • Erik van der Werf


    M: +31 6 5150 0066

    Erik joined OXEYE Advisors at its inception, having started as a junior associate at corporate finance firm Albacore Partners, where he has worked on numerous transactions including the acquisition of M&S Mode by Excellent Retail Brands, the refinancing of ACRE’s real estate portfolio, the divestment of Claudia Sträter by 2Deal Ventures and the acquisition of CCI by Bencis.

    Erik holds a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam

  • Thom van der Linde


    M: +31 6 1044 3583

    Thom joined OXEYE Advisors in 2016, after gaining experience as an intern at Kempen & Co’s Structured Products desk and as an analyst at M&A boutique Squarefield. At Squarefield he has worked on numerous Agri-food transactions such as the sale of the Enkco Foodgroup to Gilde Buy Out Partners, the sale of Bioderij to Cérélia and the acquisition of Pandriks Bake-Off for a group of private investors. Thom holds a master’s degree in Finance and Investments from the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam). 

  • Our Network

    Our capabilities extend beyond the OXEYE Advisors team We are connected with highly qualified partners to ensure in-depth industry advice and a broad geographical reach

  • Our Network

    Jaco BrusséJaco Brussé is a senior executive in the FMCG industry. He is the CEO and co-founder of VisualFabriq. Jaco brings with him deep international FMCG experience and has kicked goals in executive and management level roles for brands like H.J. Heinz, Masterfoods, Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble and Cloetta

  • Our Network

    Oxeye_Michiel-F.-van-GinkelMichiel F. van Ginkel is a senior executive in the FMCG industry. Over the past 20 years he has worked with Procter & Gamble, the Greenery, CSM and H.J. Heinz. In his last role he was the CEO of HAK a leading branded manufacturer of preserved fruits and vegetables. Today, he is involved in different food initiatives both nationally and internationally

  • Careers

    OXEYE Advisors is actively looking for talented people to complement our current team and realise our ambition to be the best corporate finance firm.

    We are considering entry level and experienced candidates as well as internships. We can offer you a challenging and non-hierarchical working environment where you will work directly with our senior team.

    If you are interested to discuss a career at OXEYE Advisors, please contact us or send your cover letter and resume to team@oxeyeadvisors.com

    Our current career opportunities:

  • Careers

    Entry level positions & experienced candidates

    OXEYE Advisors is actively looking for entry level and experienced candidates to complement our team

    What we seek
    • Team player with excellent analytical skills
    • Proven corporate finance track record
    • In-depth understanding of a specific industry
    • Commercial self-starter
    • Master’s degree and outstanding academic achievements
    • Fluent in Dutch and English
    What we offer
    • Non-hierarchical but challenging working environment
    • Learning on the job with a team of experienced senior advisors
    • Early client contact, comprehensive transaction overview and extensive deal exposure
    • Being part of achieving our goals
  • Careers


    OXEYE Advisors offers highly motivated final year university students the opportunity of a 3 – 6 months internship.

    What we seek
    • Team player with excellent analytical skills
    • Strong interest for corporate finance
    • Outstanding academic achievements
    • Fluent in Dutch and English
    • Can do attitude
    What we offer
    • Intense learning on the job
    • Working with a team of experienced senior advisors on:
      – Execution of active mandates
      – Origination of new mandates
    • Potential to join us as an Associate


OXEYE Advisors B.V.

De Lairessestraat 154
1075 HL  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T: +31 20 820 3606
E: team@oxeyeadvisors.com